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There in  Tati Matsumoto


Title: So much love

Printing on Hahnemuhle Paper  Photo matt Fiber 200g

A4  - 21.0 x 29.7 cm

BRL 120

A3   - 29.7 x 42.0 cm

BRL 170

*free shipping during pre-sale (05/18 to 05/22) and frame  not included


1. Fill out the form on the side (or below if you are on mobile)

2. Take a look at your email to see if we've already responded with your payment information.

3. Send proof of payment and confirm delivery information

4. Receive our undying love and gratitude for this support  (and the trace code when the print is sent)


Thanks! Message sent.


"What is the difference?" you ask us

In pre-sales, we open the opportunity for you to buy before we start production at the print shop. With that, we are able to pay the suppliers in advance and some of our payment slips as well. As a thank you for this support, we help with the shipping and Tati even promises to send some treats when the isolation ends. 


Posting in the post office will be done by the printing staff (from São Paulo to all over Brazil). In pre-sales, you don't even have to worry about the shipping cost, because it's on us. After the sale period starts, the freight is fixed and will be R$14 for the A4 size and R$17 for the A3 size.


"Art developed in collab by 3 artists, printed on fancy paper for a limited and numbered edition"  


You can say all this when you show it to visitors, ok? When we number and limit a series, it makes it more exclusive. In other words, if on the margin of the paper it is written 3/20 it means that you have a beautiful print of a series of 20 (in the world!). Only you and 19 other people will have this gem that will be worth a lot because these artists here are working horrors to be valued and recognized in the artistic world.

And you will be able to say "I met before the hype and I even have the first art they did in collab"





There are people who can say "nooooossssa all this in a print?" but these people don't consider:

- Which is a fancy print

- It was created by 3 (three) artists

- Was made with alkaline cotton paper, which will not yellow by itself over time

- It was printed by a small, handcrafted, quality, very parceiris printer, who responds quickly to whatsapp messages and deserves to be highly valued for their work with a fair wage.

- It's a limited product. Exclusive. If it's over, it's over.

But we know you don't think it's expensive because you understand all this value and that's why you're supporting us with great joy :)



"When I create letterings from my everyday handwriting, I feel like I'm writing a letter, which I consider one of the most beautiful ways to communicate.

And when I think about love phrases, that's how I see an art being born."

About the inspiration for the print



"Think of the plants embracing the words, dancing with and between them, gives me a feeling of joy, you know?


And that's just what we need now"

About the inspiration for the print



"The idea was a very detailed drawing, but also very smooth. At a time when we are being so bombarded with images and information, we want to convey a feeling of lightness through the colors and the desire to let your eyes take you through the details of the drawing, walking along the lines and unloading the sight and thought."

Now about the inspiration for the print


"I had a minor surgery to place a catheter and in two weeks I'll have another one to take it out. Psychologically preparing myself to face the hospital in the pandemic"

about the kidney stone

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