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"Life is the art of meeting, although there is so much mismatch for life."

Vinicius de Moraes

During this period of social isolation, I started to think about the people who were part of my life. Which ones I insist on being present and which were beautiful meetings, but today the relationship no longer make sense.

And when I think of the stories I want to describe in words so profound that others would not be able to translate them.

"Wonderful Journey" was written on a map of meetings and feelings. The only word I absolutely wanted to write was “saudade”, but as the background in Portuguese with the main phrase in English would be strange, I decided to use words from several languages, which in the end symbolize the immensity of these meetings in the world.

Painting with acrylic and gold leaf on Hahnemuhle cotton paper 300 gr. 420 mm x 594 mm.

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