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café habitual

I think Alameda Tietê's Café Habitual is one of the most instagrammable places in São Paulo and as a good addict to cafes and photogenic spaces, I wanted to paint something there, but I never had the courage to introduce myself as an artist.


In August 2019, the project to create an art for their street sign came to me on the recommendation of my dear friend Isabella Lion, a lettering artist who went after the opportunity, but for an unforeseen event had to pass it on.


The briefing was smooth. The text should contain "Habitual Coffee", "Turkish-style Benedictine eggs" and "Cakes and coffee" and I had total freedom to create. As I already knew the space I knew the vibe that art needed.


Usually the first sketches are born on paper, but in this project I started right on the iPad Pro with the Procreate program (2).gif

After approved, the artwork was resized and transffered to the metal surface. 

The painting was done using acrylic based makers.

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